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Loan Modification - How Does it Work?

Get home loan modification help! Choose a loan modification program that helps with offers from numerous mortgage modification companies. refers homeowners to Loan Modification Companies that are legal, safe, and will help you stay in your home.  A loan modification will decrease your monthly payments, lower your rate, avoid foreclosure, and save your home.  With LoanModUS partner companies, you won't pay money up front for a financial evaluation, you have a Money Back Guarantee and Online tracking. Click here if you are looking for sample hardship letters.

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Don't Get Scammed

jumping manYou may have seen news reports of homeowners being cheated by companies who take their money and are never heard from again.  Don't get 'taken for a ride' by fly by night loan modification companies who claim they can modify your mortgage. provides NO-SCAM support backed by a Money-Back guarantee. Other loan modification companies don't come close to our support, success, and legal backing. More Info...

Online Tracking

Chess PiecesTrack every step of your the modification process online.  Never question what step the process is in, or what has been done.  Each legal action is documented online, so you are never in the dark.  When it comes to saving your home, you deserve unsurpassed service, and professionalism.Learn More...

Legal Loan Modification

Commercial BuildingOur legal negotiating team provides you with the legal help and documentation you need to negotiate with your lender.  Years of experience and specialized negotiating documentation ensure your case is on track, on time and completed with legality as a priority. Learn More...

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shaking handsSearching for legal loan modification companies?  Look no further.  Our legal loan modifications program will relieve you of the headache of falling behind on payments and possibly facing foreclosure. We are one of the legally backed loan modification companies with no up front charge for a financial evaluation, accompanied by a money back guarantee. Apply Now 

Personal Help

  • Proven Legal Action
  • Expert Negotiation
  • Lower Principal Amount
  • Lower Mortgage Payment
  • Lower Loan Rate
  • Save Your Credit
  • Stop Foreclosure
  • Legal Loan Modification Program

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Loan Modification Companies - What You Should Know

It is extremely important that you work with a proven company that provides legal home loan modification program support for you in negotiating a loan modification with your lender.  It is preferred that you retain legal counsel to negotiate a mortgage loan modification on your behalf with your lender to decrease the risk of losing your home and money. refers homeowners to loan modification companies that provides legal representation, a no money up front financial evaluation, and a money back guarantee. only refers homeowners to legal loan modification companies that offer complete transparency, and a money back guarantee. If you are considering working the loan modification on your own, go ahead and try out our do it yourself loan modification kit.